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Lyfstylz SoulWear is born in 2008 in Brussels, Belgium. But way before, I used to create rhymes and beats also. So let me share some of them with you, together with some home-made videos...

Joint 1: Billie Holiday

Joint 2: Curtis Mayfield

Joint 3: Marvin Gaye

Joint 4: Gil Scott-Heron

Joint 5: James Brown

Joint 6: Serge Gainsbourg

Joint 7: Jacques Brel

Joint 8: T-shirts Mix#1

Joint 9: Muhammad Ali

Joint 10: Martin Luther King

Joint 11: Realz Rekonize Realz "R3"

Joint 12: WOH YOOO

Joint 13: ROCK DA BOAT

Joint 14: Feelin' F***in' Fantastik "F.F.F."

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