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Parce qu'une vie dénuée de sens ne vaut la peine d'être vécue. Lyfstylz SoulWear is born in 2008 in Brussels, Belgium. Life is a short journey, so first through my rhymes and music and now through my designs, I'm just trying to give it a true meaning.  I'm the proud father of this still young brand, also borned in Brussels, Ixelles neighborhood to be precise, in the mid 70's.

From skateboard to graffiti, Hip Hop head, some rappin' & beatmaking; dressing with style, trying to be original, has always been something I liked. I needed now to launch my own brand of 'Soul wear', in a way, a prolongation of my passions: style, good music, calligraphy & graphic design...

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Vedah, Founder & Designer, Lyfstylz SoulWear

Founder & Designer

Lyfstylz SoulWear

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